Republic of NZRE

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Our Government

The government of the NZRE Republic is a parliamentary republic with 2 Emperors. The Emperors are the executive heads of government, but have very little legislative power. The legislative power is left to Parliament, which is made of senators from each province, elected via STV.

NZRE Constitution

NZRE Criminal Laws:

NZRE Civil Laws:

Members of Government


Nathan (C-KE)

Zack (C-KE)


Kelvia (KE)
   Kasper (I), Mark R. (I)

Cabinet (and subdepartments)

Cabinet Ministry
Internal Affairs
  • Federal Police
Kasper (I-KE)
  • Rachel (I-KE)

Supreme Court judges

  • Rachel (I-KE) (Chief Justice)


Archae, KE
 Forrest (I)
Lepeto, KE
 Heath (I)
Nurk, KE
 Aidan (I)
Zulus, KE
 Annette (I)

View the full list of open government positions here.

Political parties

 Center Party (C)
  • Libertarian socialism
  • Social democracy
 Nathan (KE)
 Conservative Party (K)
  • Authoritarianism
 Jani (KE)


Administrative divisions

All citizens live in the Province of Kelvia.

 List of citizens
 ?, KE
  • Jani
 ? (1), KE
  • Brian
 ? (2), KE
  • Wyatt
 ? (4), KE
  • Sloane
  • Sydney
 ? (8), KE
  • Tarun
 Archae, KE
  • Forrest
  • Gretchen
  • Sophie
 Lepeto, KE
  • Heath
  • Kristen
  • Mallory
  • Rhys
 Nurk, KE 
  • Aidan
 Zulus, KE
  • Annette
  • Armando
  • Jennifer
  • Melissa
  • Nathan
  • Rachel
  • Raymond
  • Zack

Become a candidate

Executive Nominee

Successor to the Chancellors. You can be the Deputy Executive Nominee if you want.


Represents a certain province in the NZRE Parliament.

Heads a Ministry of national importance and is part of the Cabinet. Has power over all Executive Officials.

Executive Official

Can be a member of the Executive Office (which serves the Chancellors directly), a director of a Cabinet agency, or a director of an Independent Agency.

Supreme Court Judge

Serves on the Supreme Court of NZRE.


Leader of a province.  Solves problems at a provincial level.


Leader of a city. Solves problems at a city level.

New province

Provinces are a subdivision of the country. They each send two senators to parliament. Any citizen can create a new province, but it must be approved by the government.